Nikita Chursin
Salesforce Craftsman
I work as a full-stack developer at Deutsche Bank Technology Centre. By “full-stack” I mean I do requirements analysis, development, test automation, production delivery, and support. And it happened to be that my main expertise is Salesforce.

Being a Moscow Salesforce Community Group Leader, I work on spreading extreme programming practices among Salesforce developers. That is probably the best way to develop software and it definitely helps produce cleaner working code. I also share the values expressed in Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship.

Since I started with Salesforce in 2013, that has been my primary technology. I worked in different roles along the way from a developer to solution architect. I feel like the architects, who don’t touch code can’t be really responsible for solutioning. You have to understand the development to be able to design a deliverable solution. Also, that is one of the reasons I work as a developer.

Apart from Salesforce I love Javascipt. I worked as a NodeJS developer for some time and I’m also working on some VSCode extensions. I have several open-source projects in NodeJS and Python, though I don’t code in Python regularly anymore.

Full Stack Engineer @ Deutsche Bank Tech Centre
Helped with Extreme Programming and BDD adoption. Along with the team reduces the number of defects to 1 per half a year.
Started doing public talks about BDD, Salesforce, and Extreme programming
Salesforce Technical Architect @ Aquiva Labs
After my promotion to Salesforce Technical Architect, I continued learning Agile Software development practices on my own and started adopting some Extreme Programming practices in the team. 
I participated in several discoveries of various nature, mostly focused on AppExcahnge product development, doing both requirements gathering and application current state analysis.
I also created an employee assessment framework to help employees develop themselves and help management make the right decisions on promotions, etc.
Senior Software Engineering @ Aquiva Labs
At Aquiva Labs I learned the very basics of Agile Software development and pushed forward with different Agile practices. I led the company's coding standards creation and adoption. I've been a Team Lead for a team that finished several rough projects in a timely manner. Also, I started doing internal talks at that time focused on Agile software development and team-leading.
Lead Developer @ Core Consulting
At Core Consulting we've been working on customizing bpm'online (Terrasoft CRM). Due to the lack of a built-in testing framework, I've created my own one there. But I've never touched Terrasoft since then
Salesforce Developer @ Customertimes
At my first work as a developer, I got familiar with Salesforce, and by the end of my time there I've been tech leading a team working on Salesforce-based products. We were working on a backend for CT Mobile app and also CT Presenter - online presentation tool
Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation (Technical University)
M. Sc. IT in System and programming engineering
Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation (Technical University)
B.Eng. in Instrumentation Technology/Technician
Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation (Technical University)
Techincal English Translation Specialist
Volunteering/Other activities
We are launching a Salesforce Developer courses to spread the expertise and the engineering practices
Moscow Trailblazer Community Group Leader
Leading Salesforce community in Moscow and helping to establish communities in other places
RAD Women Coach
The primary goal of Radical Apex Developers (RAD) Women is to provide a supportive and collaborative environment for advanced women Salesforce admins to build upon their existing click-based administration skills and learn to program on the platform.
I am a Salesforce mentor, you can hire me at Codementor
Professional Skillset
— Salesforce Development (Flows, Apex, LWC)
— NodeJS development (Javascript, Typescript, express, koa)
— Testing (BDD, up-front automation testing)
— Requirements gathering and architecture design
— Agile software development (Extreme Programming practices)
— Open-source contributor (Sublime Text/VSCode plugins, SerenityJS)
Publications and talks